Josh Presley - Black Belt

Born and raised in Wellington, Nova Scotia, he started BJJ in the summer of 2007 in Halifax. Josh received his black belt in June 2015. Josh is a multiple time IBJJF medalist, including IBJJF World Championship blue belt - bronze (2010) and silver (2011), and purple belt - bronze (2013).


Carlos Cesar Nunes - Black Belt

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carlos started his BJJ journey in 2010 in Hong Kong, China.
He was a student of Quinton Arendse and achieved his black belt in January 2018. He has been instructing at Halifax BJJ Society since the summer of 2018.


Joel Jacquard - Brown Belt, co-founder

Born and raised in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Joel started training in BJJ and kickboxing in Spring 2007. He focused his attention on BJJ in 2013, and in 2015 he earned his brown belt. He is a multiple time IBJJF Medalist, including Master 1 Brown Belt IBJJF NYC Spring Open 2019 3X Gold medalist in Gi, No Gi and No Gi Absolute, NYC Fall Open 2X Gold medalist in Gi and No Gi and IBJJF No Gi Pan Ams Bonze (2018) and Silver (2019). He is also the reigning Rogue Grappling Absolute Champion for Atlantic Canada in 2019.


Christine Fader - Brown Belt

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Christine started training BJJ in 2012. Christine is one of the head instructors of the Kids BJJ Program. She is an IBJJF Boston Open Gold Medalist (2017) IBJJF No Gi Pan Am Bronze Medalist (2017) and IBJJF Master 2 World purple belt Silver Medalist and Absolute Gold Medalist. Christine recieved her brown belt in September 2019.


Josh Whalen - Brown Belt, co-founder

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Josh began grappling with Judo in 2006 then shifted his focus to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu soon after. He holds a blue belt in Judo and a Brown belt in BJJ since 2015. In addition to many local titles, Josh is also an Abu Dhabi Trials medalist and has recently closed out a masters division at the IBJJF Pan No Gi Championship in NYC.


Adam Piercey - Brown Belt

Born in Summerside, PEI and raised in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Adam started BJJ and Muay Thai in 2006. He was a bronze medalist at the IFMA Canadian Muay Thai Championship in 2008 and the 2010 TBA Muay Thai Classic Light Heavyweight Champion. He achieved his brown belt in January 2019 and has been instructing at Halifax BJJ since 2018.


Chris Kelades - Brown Belt

Raised in the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia, Chris began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts in 2005.
Chris currently holds the rank of brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has been fighting professionally in Mixed Martial Arts for the past 10 years. Along with extensive grappling and competition experience, Chris continues to enjoy a long fighting career with many of the top MMA promotions including Bellator, UFC and currently M-1 Global based out of Saint Petersburg Russia.